Nashville Renaissance: Hillsboro Village

Hillsboro Village is transitioning.  The Village was Nashville’s first urban community to benefit from Nashville’s new planning guidelines.  Perhaps it never really declined.  That said, today all the trendy restaurants are opening up elsewhere.  Add to that Boscos, Sunset Grill and multiple restaurants next to Cabana have all come and are now gone.  Once the place to be and be seen is not in Hillsboro Village anymore.  East Nashville, 12th South, Germantown and other pockets have stolen Nashville’s attention.  

This is not a doomsday prediction for Hillsboro Village.  It will always be at the doorstep to Vanderbilt University.  Last I checked, Vanderbilt is not going anywhere.  Pancake Pantry, Jackson’s, Fido & Sam’s are staples to our community.  What I want to discuss is what will the Village look like in 5, 10, or 15 years.  And with that vision… how can an investor make a correct investment.  

 In the future, I see the Village as a commercial district that supports the University and residents in the vicinity.  The traveling business persons and tourist are now attracted to  lower Broadway/ SoBro/ The Gulch & Midtown.  Those areas are growing together into one large mixed use neighborhood.  Some tourist will frequent Hillsboro Village, however, as a side show to the real action in town.  

 If my vision is correct, then my vision for 21st Ave to I-440 is important for the continued positive evolution of Hillsboro Village.