Nashville Renaissance: Gulch-SoBro Pedestrian Connector

The Gulch-SoBro pedestrian bridge debate has reignited. In general, I am in favor of connecting the two districts.

Utilizing my “Reverse Engineering” theme from my previous post, we are missing a bigger opportunity. What are some short comings of the Gulch & SoBro? First, lack of green space. Second, noise from the railroads.

What if you tunneled in the railroads?

A couple of years ago I read an article in Forbes (link below) that captured my imagination. Billionaire Stephen Ross of The Related Cos is attempting the most significant private development in Manhattan since John D. Rockefeller built Rockefeller Center in the 1930s.



Stephen Ross: The Billionaire Who Is Rebuilding New York

Hudson Yards Redevelopment Project



Fast forward a couple of years and my idea stems from reading this Forbes article.

On top of the tunnels is green space for parks. Same access points. In the end you’d have a pocket park/ green space that adds much more to the surrounding communities. The Gulch does not need help, however, SoBro could use a boost. North Gulch? Capital View? LifeWay Christian/ Gannett land? All these areas are suddenly much more valuable and interesting to redevelop. Increasing the tax base along the way. ¬†Phase I can be a small pocket park but can be expanded as finances and growth allow.

I understand how unrealistic my idea sounds from a logistics and financial perspective. Even in small phases this project will be much more costly than a pedestrian bridge. I’m not pretending to have all the answers. I’m trying to think long term 100+ year plan. Being ambitious maybe someday this park can connect to the Riverfront Parks via the Bicentennial Park north of the CBD? Central Park is a special asset of NYC. ¬†Maybe we can create our own world renown urban environment with ample green space?